Food Food Food

When ever I have been to a soft play centre where they serve food, its a deep fat fried something or a ‘cook from frozen’ totally un-nutritious, plastic tasting plate of grey…

We say NO!say_no_to_junk_food

At The Kidz & Co we put our food right at the top of our priority list, making fresh, nutritious, healthy, balanced and tasty meals. Our menu has food suitable for all ages, I mean, just because you are going somewhere suitable for children does not mean you want to be chewing on frozen chicken nuggets and chips does it?





New Signs


Bobby and I may be away for our last holiday before the new adventure begins but that doesn’t mean that the work stops. The new window signs were put up yesterday and they look great!

Thanks again to Red Hot Vinyl Graphics for their fantastic customer service, speedy installation and keeping me continuously in the loop throughout the process.