The Kitchen

We cook our locally sourced produce daily in our Kidz & Co Kitchen, providing a great selection of sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, salads & soups.

We also have a fantastic in house chef who makes all of our cakes, biscuits and sweet treats using the highest quality products with gluten free, dairy free, vegan AND sugar free options, making sure you don’t go without, simply because of dietary requirements.

Our black board shows our daily changing Specials and we have a great range of snacks, crisps, fresh fruit & baby/toddler snacks available in the café.




The Breakfast Baguette:

A fried egg, smoked bacon and sausage

The Veggie Breakfast: (v)

A fried egg, fried mushrooms and tomato baguette

The Power House: (v)

Sliced Avocado, Tomato, Spinach & fried egg on Toast

The Vegan Breakfast (vg)

Sliced avocado, tomato, spinach & fried mushrooms on toast


Two slices of toast with you choice of ;


Scrambled eggs (v)

Baked Beans (vg)

Bacon and Scrambled Eggs








Sandwiches & Baguettes

Bacon or Sausages

Bacon or Sausage with Fried Egg

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

Prawns in homemade Marie-rose

Gammon ham salad

Avocado, Tomato, Spinach& Sweet chilli (vg)

Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber

Smoked Bacon, Brie & Avocado

Chicken & Bacon

Mediterranean Vegetables & Brie (v)














Jacket Potatoes

Served with Salad and Homemade Coleslaw  

Beef Chilli and Cheddar Cheese £7.95
Smoked Bacon and Brie £7.50
Prawns and Homemade Marie – Rose £7.95
Baked Beans and Cheddar Cheese (v) £6.95
Three bean chilli & cheddar (v) £7.50
Tuna Mayonnaise £7.50
Snacks or Sides
Soup of the Day, Served with Half a Baked Baguette £4.95
Chips (vg) £2.50
Cheesy Chips £3.50
Side Salad (v) £3.65
Kidz Menu

Plastic cutlery & plates available for Kidz

Homemade Chicken Breast Chunks served with Chips and Bake Beans £5.95
‘Pizza’ Bread:

Homemade Tomato & Basil Sauce, Cheddar Cheese and Gammon Ham on Toasted Baguette

Kids Pasta: Pasta cooked in Homemade Tomato sauce with Grated Cheddar £4.95
Finger Dippers: (VG)

Carrot, Cucumber, Pepper & Bread Sticks with Homemade Hummus


Chipolata sausages ,  Chips and Baked Beans


Gammon Ham , egg and chips